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9 Simple Steps to Create an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

Social media offers businesses an easy to use platform to help grow their brands and market their products efficiently and effectively. However, many businesses fail to take advantage of the opportunity that social media presents and can often lead to them falling behind their competition.

This article will outline a simple and effective strategy that can be employed to help businesses in their quest to improve their social media presence and give a brief snippet into the strategies that we use here at Dueto Agency to assist clients in growing their brands, and taking them to the next level.

1. Identify and set goals that are aligned with your business.

The first step in the strategy is to set out some objectives that will help to give your efforts a bit of direction and lead you somewhere. It is important to set goals so that your efforts are focussed and time isn't wasted on producing content that won't excite viewers or that lead to undesired outcomes.

Secondly, these objectives must align with those of the business so that the content that is produced makes a tangible difference to the business and not just a random attempt at producing content.

By setting goals for your social media content, you will have something to work toward and a reference point for your content.

2. Understand your audience

The next aspect to lock down is your audience, and more specifically, who your audience is. It is vital that your content is aimed at a clear demographic so that you aren't creating content that isn't suited to your audience.

Understand your audience's likes and dislikes, what type of content appeals to them, wha time of day they are active on social media and so on. This invaluable information will help you tailor your content for your desired audience and help optimise your social media performance.

There are many ways in which you can understand your audience, which can be through analysing their engagement on your previous posts, getting in contact with them and asking them what type of content they would like to see, and engaging with them on your social channels.

Overall, understanding your audience is crucial to be able to produce relevant content that will enhance your business and your brand.

3. Analyse your competitors

It is always important to see what your competitors are doing, in any facet of business, and social media is no different. Analysing the competition can be a great way to get inspiration, especially if customers are reacting well to their content and their social media presence. However, it is important to recognise that there is a fine line between taking inspiration from a competitor and flat out copying their content, so make sure to tread the line carefully.

Equally, 'spying' on your competitors can be a good way to see what your competitors are not doing so well and how your business can take advantage of their flaws and optimise your own content to help increase your presence in the market.

4. Inspect your current content

Have a look at your current content offering and use analytics to see what is currently working well. Which style of content is engaging viewers and proving valuable and which types of content are struggling. This will allow you to optimise your content and continue with the good bits, whilst being able to realise what isn't working well.

5. Choose your content styles

There are now a variety of different options and tools that can be utilised on social media in terms of types of content. On Instagram alone there are single posts, carousels, reels, stories and highlights, just to name a few.

Choose which content styles best suit your business and which ones you think your viewers will best engage with. Make sure to select various formats, as viewers don't want to see the same old stuff and will appreciate it when you change things up from time to time.

6. Build a content calendar

Building a content calendar is becoming an essential for businesses as it offers a simple way for you to plan out and organise your content. Having a calendar will help you to plan ahead and schedule in posts depending on the time of year, or other key milestones that may apply to your business.

Having a content calendar will also help you to see if you have a range of different content styles planned out and ready to post so that you aren't just panic-posting the same thing every few days.

Posting regularly and consistently is a great way to engage customers and build your brand, and having a content calendar in place will help to keep you on track with your content production.

7. Create and distribute your content

The next step in the strategy is the fun part - creating the content and distributing your content across your social media channels. This is where all your hard work will be put into practice and if done correctly, will be the start of your social media presence improving.

When distributing your content, be sure to distribute similar content across the different channels, however it is important to note that the content may need tweaking to be appropriate for the various social media channels.

Finally, don't rush it. Take time creating your content so that it is powerful and is something that viewers will look at and not just scroll past. Equally, don't mull over the same piece of content for days and days otherwise you'll spend too much time on one thing. Finding the balance may be tough at first, but with practice you'll soon realise what works for you.

8. Engage with your audience

Once you've created and posted your content, don't just sit back and watch people engage with it - have a bit of back and forth with them and engage with your customers. This will help you build your brand and grow your reputation amongst your audience.

9. Measuring your results

This is arguably the most important stage of the whole process. Once you've done everything outlined above, it isn't over. It is essential that you review the analytics so that you can optimise your content going forward. Make a note of which posts performed well so that you have a proven template for successful for content. On the opposite side of that, see which ones didn't perform so well and see how you can improve them for next time or in some cases, it may be worth knocking that idea on the head and trying something new.

There is no set perfect formula for content creation on social media as it is an ever-changing landscape so it is important to constantly adapt and improve.

Summary to building a successful social media content strategy

To conclude this article, it is vital to recognise the importance of a content strategy. At Dueto Agency, we provide these steps in our plans to help develop clients' social media platforms. To learn more, visit our website,

Don't forget to check us out on Instagram for more tips and information relation to optimising your social media presence -

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