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Dear Dueto - How do I remain competitive in the post-Christmas markets with my marketing strategy?

Dear Dueto,

I’m running a men's t-shirt brand and feeling a bit lost in how best to make us stand out in the competitive market especially post Christmas without focusing solely on sale.

Any tips or trends you’d recommend?


Fashionpreneur in Need

Dear Fashionpreneur in Need,

Firstly, congratulations on venturing into the world of menswear with your T-Shirt brand, and it is great you want to remain competitive especially post-Christmas and with a commitment to not solely rely on sales to stand out.

To set your brand apart, let’s consider the below approach for your marketing strategy:

Sustainability – highlight your commitment to sustainability and ethical practises. Emphasize the use of eco-friendly fabrics in your T-Shirt production. This resonates well with environmentally conscious consumers.

Exclusive collections – create exclusive and limited edition runs. This not only creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity but also generates buzz around your brand. Consider collaborating with local artists to add a unique touch.

Marketing campaign reinforcement – build a robust marketing campaign that reflects your brands sustainable and exclusive messaging. Utilise your homepage, social media, and email newsletters to consistently communicate your brand values.

Year round engagement – avoid the post-holiday lull by focusing on newness and

emphasising the quality and unique nature of your T-Shirts. Showcase the versatility of your products for different occasions and highlight the appeal of your brand.

Customer engagement – Engage with your audience through social media polls, surveys, direct messages to understand their preferences. This can be beneficial in guiding your future collections.

Remember, it’s not just about selling T-shirts, it’s about selling a lifestyle and a story. Connect with your audience on a personal level and let them be part of your brands journey!

Best of luck!

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