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Dear Dueto: How to navigate a successful brand launch?

Dear Dueto,

Our company is eager to launch a brand activation campaign on social media to increase traction, gain followers and educate our audience about our products.  However, we're unsure where to start or what strategies would be most effective.  How could we navigate this successfully and ensure our campaign resonates with our target audience?

Our Advice for a successful brand launch:

Launching a brand activation campaign on social media can be a great way to engage with your audience, build brand awareness, and educate audiences.  Its great you already have goals and who your target audience are and what you want to achieve with this activation, but to make it worth while, here are some other important considerations.

Content - we recommend using a mix of photos, videos and user generated content to ensure the activation is creative and engaging.  You don't want customers to get bored with similar like for like content.

Engage and interact - we talk a lot about this, and for good reason.  Its important social media is two way and you engage with your audience and encourage conversations.  It is a great way to seek feedback without pushing a lengthy questionnaire.  Its important you are active online and respond at speed to keep the flow.

Paid advertising - you could invest in some paid advertising if this is going out as a campaign, so it hits larger audiences and drives traffic to your account.  Its also a good way to experiment with different targeting options.

Influencers - brand ambassadors or influencers that align with your brand can be great in increasing credibility, and cementing your audience.

Once you have launched your campaign make sure you track the performance, and analyse what worked and importantly what didn't so you can work on these areas.   There are great analytical tools that can help make future decisions easier.

Thanks for reading this week's Dear Dueto!

If you have a question of your own that you want the answer to, then send us a DM on Instagram and we will answer it!

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