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Dear Dueto: Should you change your branding?

Answering your social media questions!

This week, our question centres around branding and whether businesses should change their branding.. We were asked: If I change my branding, will it alienate my loyal customers?

The question: Dear Dueto,

I have a local business that has been running for over 20 years, it’s well known and successful but I want to revamp the look and feel but don’t want to alienate my loyal customers. I keep reading about brand synergy and cohesive branding but is this really important if I have customers already? Should I be hiring someone for this or can I do it alone? It’s very different to when I started out.

The response:

We hear you! Branding and marketing has significantly changed even in the last couple of years so we get it can be hard to keep up. It’s great to hear you still have a passion and the entrepreneurial spirit to evolve and stay relevant. It can be difficult to be subjective when it is your own company and to take a step back from the detail, that’s where branding and marketing agencies come into their own.

We recommend a full MOT of your brand, what’s working, what could be more succinct and get your branding working harder for you.

Going back to your core values and brand identity is really important as that is your starting point and the reason WHY you do what you do. The WHY aligns customers with you, and creates brand loyalty and an audience. As long as you stay true to this you shouldn't alienate any of your current customers and it should introduce you to many more.

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